Tweety's Cage
30. July 2021

What is Ving Tsun ???

At first I want to remark that I wrote down my own personal thougts in this section. Everyone should build up his own opinion after dealing a little longer with this martial art. Due to the plenty of organisations and different kinds of understandings of the VingTsun system, there are also a plenty of different meanings that are very divergent and are unfortunately very often subjects of banal discussions. I want to keep my distance to that kind of this kind of discussion but try to explain my point of view of VingTsun.

"VT is a System for selfdefense and healthiness that is more than 300 years old. Developed by a chinese nun VT is more up-to-date than ever before."

If I imagine a small chinese woman, a VingTsun system with characteristics of softness and attacs agains unprotected body parts (eyes, throat, nose,...) is more suitable than a system that uses strong blocking techniques and attacks agains strong body parts. Such a system seems only to be successfull if the strength of both opponents are quite equal.

The fighting philosophy of VingTsun excludes a sportive-fair behaviour completely and allows by doing so an (more) effective selfdefense with the only goal to get out of dangerous situation without any harm and independet of the oponent's physical strength. Intelligent use of angles for optimizing the own strength and positioning from arms and legs at symmetric lines offers the possibility for efficient attacks on the one hand and on the other hand a good protection against attacks just because of the positions itselves. It might be this way of fighting why many people's opinion is about VingTsun to be the best kind of selfdefense that has been developed since ever. Due to my poor experience with other selfdefense systems I am not able to make a statement about this. At this point the way of trying or testing different martial arts or selfdefens systems at first and after that developing an opinion should be one of the most usefull. Up to now I only had the possibility to learn about Judo, Silat Gerak Pilihan, Escrima, TaeKwonDo, Shotokan Karate, AmiJitsu, JuJutsu and Shinson HapKiDo. Regarding to the way of selfdefense I am feeling safe with VingTsun...

Realy fascinating for me is the huge amount of small and unnoticable movements and the real necessity of accuracy at every position to return or start an attack. For every incoming attack reflexes are released that have been trained by the way of sticky hands the Chi Sao before. At the point where the visual skills are failing to realize an attack because of a to high velocity the Chi Sao comes in and makes it possible to defense and to start the counterattack directly. - on condition that one knows a few Chi Sao movements and how to use them - The Chi Sao takes the special part of the Ving Tsun System to make contact with the opponents body by using arms and legs and never loose the contact again. At this point there are many different meanings how to understand the Chi Sao. Like so many things of the Ving Tsun system the Chi Sao is only a kind of training method too, for learning some schemes of moving. In case of bringing it in to action there is no trying to start specific Chi Sao movements but the attacker releases different reflexes without your knowing what is happening at the moment.

I also think it to be very interesting to do some analysis of different movements and positions by using physics and mechanics. So far I didn't do any concrete calculations but I am sure that it is possible to explain quite a lot of it by use of lever and impulse laws. (For insiders: Tan Sao meets punch; -> angle of ellbow, angle between fist and wrist, angle of upper arm and upper boddy are leading to a balance of forces - where one needn't to be strained on -, which is only available in small tolarances of ervery parameter. Someone could calculate this *g*).

This and very much more is Ving Tsun for me like I am understanding it and trying to learn and to teach. Doing so I am always happy about small details which approve, refine and change completely my former opinions. For teaching me those details I want to thank SiGung Klaus Dingeldein, Sifu Markus, Sifu Michal, Sihing Jan and Sihing Gerrit!