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30. July 2021

The development of the VING TSUN Kung-Fu Style

Yim Ving Tsun, who is the founder of the systems was born at the chinese Kwang Tung province. She ought to be a smart and pretty girl with an open mind and was espoused already as a child to a salt trader named Leung Bok Chau from the Fu Kien province.
Right after this espousure her mother died. Yim Ving Tsuns father, Yim Lee, was taken to court because of a wrong accusal from some personal enemies. Zu avoid a prison penalty he flew away together with his little daughter and a new home at the bottom of the Tai Leung mountain at the border of Yun Nan and Szechuan provinces.
The devotees of the Shao Lin Kung Fu style were very famous in china during the K'anhsi government at the Ching dynasty. The government didn't like this very much and thought the powerfull and very popular Shaolin monks to be troublemakers and counterpart to their way of unhumanity politics. That's why they decided to kill the monks at Shaolin and to destroy the monastery at the Sung mountain of the Honan province in central China.
Soldiers were sent to Shaolin with the order to kill all monks, to break up the religious community and to wipe out everything that could remind at Shaolin. But the monks (supported by ordunary people from the surrounding area) offered resistance during cruel and long battles in a very hard way that made it impossible for the soldiers to fullfill their task and the destruction kept unsuccessful.
A government official at court named Chan Man wanted to reach a high rank at the government and suggested a plan to destroy the Shaolin monastery by resort to a ruse. He bribed a corrupt monk with very much money and together with this ringleader he hatched an evil plan. The monks name was Ma Ning Yee and was persuaded to betray his own fellow believer by setting the monastery at several places on fire at night. As the monks had to watch their monastery burning down, the survivors spread around with their stundents all over China, to escape the governments catchpoles. Especially the monks as follows have to mentioned here: Master Chi Sin, Master Pak Mei, Master Fung To Tak, Master Miu Hin and the buddhistic nun Ng Mui. This nun named Ng Mui took refuge close to the Tai Leung mountain at a temple called Temple Of The White Crane and hid there under a synonym. She met Ving Tsun and her father because she was used to buy some goods for the temple at their Tofu stall. In those days Yim Ving Tsun was 15 years old and had pushed up her long hair for meaning to be allowed for getting married.
Ving Tsun ought to be very beautifull and that's why a well known rowdy noticed her and threatened her father to get married with her.
By this pressure and steaddy threat Yim Ving Tsun and her father had to live fearfully for a period of time. The buddhistic master Ng Mui took Ving Tsun as her student because out of pity. She promised Ving Tsun to introduce the art of fighting and to teach her as long Kung Fu as she needed to defeat the rowdy and to be able to marry her fiance. From that time on Ving Tsun studied Kung Fu every day at Ng Mui. After she managed the techniques she challenged the rowdy and defeated him.
After that Ng Mui left Ving Tsun and her father to continue her traveling through China. But before Ng Mui left Ving Tsun had to promise to help the patriots and to keep the martial art for bringing doen the Ching dynasty and to resettle the Ming government.
Ng Mui called her Kung Fu system from that time Ving Tsun, after the name of her student. So one can make the conclusion that the creation of the Ving Tsun system was build by the buddistic nun Ng Mui. After Yim Ving Tsun got married she tought her husbund Leung Bok Chau this martial art.
He forwarded this art to Leung Lan Kwai who also forwarded again to Wong Wah Bo, a member of an opera essemble, who lived on a junk. The chinese people called this junk "Red Junk", on which a man named Yeung Lee Tei used to live who studied the Six And A Half Point Longstaff technique at the ship's cook. This cook was nobody else than Master Chi Shin who flew away from the Shaolin monastery and lived there with synonym.
The friendship that connected Wong Wah Bo and Leung Yee Tei, lead to an exchange of their Kung Fu styles and so the Six And A Half Point Longstaff technique became part of the Ving Tsun system.
Leung Jan, a famous doctor from Fat Shan at the Kwang Tung province was also tought the Ving Tsun system by Leung Yee Tei. He reached a very high level of perfection that was realizable by ever defeated challenger who came from all places of China. No one had a chance. And finally the martial art Ving Tsun got famous even behind the borders of the chinese provinces.
Leung Jan forwarded his fighting techniques to Yip Man's teacher (Si Fu) Chan Wah Shun.
Besides Grandmaster Yip Man his older Kung Fu brothers Ng Chung So, Ng Siu Lo, Lui Yu Chai and Chan Yu Min studied the whole system at Chan Wah Shun.
In this way the Ving Tsun System was taken from generation to generation until the present day.
This history comes from Yip Man himself. Yip Man died at 2. december in 1972. Without him our wonderfull martial art would have get lost.

Until today we keep his memory with respect. Every generation of VT-masters, started about 300 years ago until the year 2002 and also every following generation of the next centuries will take care of this acient, high developed martial art and forward it to interested people.

This text is translated by me after a model of an article of the VingTsun Experience from the EVTF