Tweety's Cage
30. July 2021

Welcome to the new layout in Tweety's Cage !!!

After a long work with many failures the new layout is finally finished. Personally I like it better than the old one and that is the main thing :-D.
I imported the contents of the old site but kicked a few articles.
The biorhytm is still not working. It will take another while before I get it repaired because I want to reprogram it completely. For those who urgently need a few data about his biorhythm I will be available by phone to give a rough estimation. :-P
Finally there will be some last changes for the fonts etc. That will be some minor changes in CSS that I will do someday.

I just did an update at my Links. Some old were kicked, a few updated and some new links were added.
Within the next time it will go on with the new layout, the biorhythm and other stuff that will appear.

This time I managed it not to let a whole year pass before I write a new comment in here ;)
But I have to deal with some further homepages and got to work in to the new system. That's why there won't be many changes here. Furthermore I am working on a new layout for this page that is almost finished - some details are still uncompleted though.
Meanwhile I corrected an error with german special characters at the guestbook. The next reparation has to be done at the biorhythm. Heaven knows why it is not working properly anymore :(. I intend to redo the whole programming but this will take a while. I also got to work on my gallery. It seems like it screwed up after a sql-update (see 02.10.2008). After that some new pictures from the USA, China and CARIBEAN SEA will be available. :-D

I am on holiday - Yuppee :-D and fixed my gallery temporary. First pictures are online again but not all of them. Every further adjustments will follow lateron maybe.
Because I still haven't finished my relocation it will take some time until there are some progresses here.

Again so much time went by without many changes :(
I did some changes at the calendar and added the times for sunrise and sunset. The times will change for every chosen day. So far it can only be used for cities at the 50th breitengrad with summer and wintertime (+1 one hour in summer). I will enhance that function to more flexibility - maybe
Beside that I am still busy with those translations, the biorhythm and the SQL backend for the calendar. Because I don't like the gallery's layout i will do some rework, outsourcing or complete exchange to another one - we'll see...

In the meantime it is quite a short while ago but I also have been busy working! :-D The Biorhythm got some new explanations and the Calendar's programming part is quite finished. But I wanted to change the calendar a little because of the German religious holidays. Some of them are recognized directly others are not. That's why I have to find a suitable way to include some short information. Perhaps I will add a kind of holiday-planner for all German states and add a personal "Login" for being able to create a customized holiday planner. It should be quite nice for Germans to look forward to their holidays.
Beside this I added some "world-times" into the footer. So far it looks quite ugly! Perhaps there is someone with a nice idea for another layout??? :-?

The first aim is achieved!!! 0-D At Stuff -> Biorhythm everyone should be able to generate the biorhythm for himself, his family and friends for any date you like. Additional to this a compliance table for all entered person will be calculated. Simply try and be happy... :-D

Finally "finished"... I translated most of all and now I need some readers for correction...
The weird mistake is gone, but I don't know exactly where the problem was - perhaps I forgot to set a semicolon or something else. :-|.
For the next steps I am on some new sections about Basketball, Problems with the Back, Nutrition and Biorhythm. But this will take quite a long time - as always! ;-)
By the way... For all those who haven't realized it up to no: I included a few smilies!!! :-D

I have started to translate my complete homepage because a part of my family is living in foreign countries and is mainly speaking english. At the bottom of the page you will find the possibility to switch between german and english. It will take time to translate all texts so please be patient.
Unfortunately a small mistake happened to the layout :(. I will take care of it after the whole translation issue...

Finally I found a nice guestbook which I can adjust to my homepage as much as I like! Here is the link for everyone who is interested in: MyPHPGuestbook.
Have fun while performing some entries and while waiting for the new Tweety-Layout :)
Something new :) I installed a funny forum. Who wants to enter something is allowed to do so. If no one likes it I will delete it again...

In the meantime I reconfigured a little. The gallery is now directly reachable from the menu bar and you don't need to make the detour to "Stuff". I solved the former problems but unfortunately I can only present you the pictures in 640x480. Everyone who wants to have the original files can certainly contact me. For my personal disappointment the gallery-section is not XHTML valid any more, because it uses another StyleSheet :(
The guestbook is still out of order, I will take care of it in the near future.
... and why does the scrollbars within FireFox not work???

Sorry at all... My guestbook is not editable for now because I recently received many evil Spam-Entries. I intend to create one of my own but this can take some time because I want to program it with PHP/MySQL (Finally I want to learn something with this funny thing too!). The gallery is also a little weird!!! Sometimes it works as I want it to, sometimes it doesn't. I already localized the errors and have to repair it - up to now no ideas how to do that!!! So just wait and see and get bothered by the huge pictures...
As a small consolation I have got a new entry in my China corner!

Something new again... I rebuild the homepage again und got rid of the Frames. Because of that there are some problems with the gallery and the members section. Let's see if i can manage it. Further more there are some additions to the links, stuff and That's me section... Have fun while rummaging around!

The latest achievement at Stuff is the availability of my new gallery. But it has got a lack of pictures that will hopefully appear one by one. Have fun while rummaging around...

As a small gooddie I present you a short overview about the wheather forecast. So far I only got the data from Boppard, Darmstadt and Koblenz, but lets see if I will find some more data somewhere. The data is to be found at Stuff...

After long and hard work and with complete neglection of the interesting theme Feldtheorie (theory of electro dynamical fields) I finally managed it to take some new stuff online. The guestbook is finished again, a few entries at VingTsun are back again and partly updated. And everything is still working :)

New year - new fortune... It might take a little longer until some sensible entries will appear. With the time Tweety's Cage appears :) -- Sorry I tried to translate a german saying: Kommt Zeit, kommt Tweety's cage -> Comes time, comes Tweety's cage -> While time is coming, Tweey's Cage will come too -> ... the native speakers can translate it by their own :)

Finally I got it! A new layout has been finished and the VingTsun section is online at first. Wait and see when I will have time to go on in here :)

Chaos broke out in here. The gallery is down again und I will generate a new one one fine day. Up to then I will try to create a layout by myself.

The gallery with the first pictures is now online too. It can be accessed only by following the link at Stuff -> Bilder.

My new guestbook is already online but not the way it should be. Now everyone can leave their traces in there. It can be accessed only by a link but I hope that this will change in the next time.

Now the move ist completed. My homepage can be reached by and There are no big changes but after my examinations there will be some - perhaps :)
A big thanks to Kurn for his webspace that I don't need anymore :)

Step by step my new Homepage will be created here. It's still quite empty in here but this will hopefully change soon. At this time I am working at the VingTsun section and it is growing slowly. Because this is my first Homepage there will be some dummy mistakes but due to the extraordinary help and achievements from Kurn ( it looks already sooooooooooooooo nice :) Big Thanks to him, the giant from my hometown Buchholz (same place as the Bomag!!) :)