Tweety's Cage
30. July 2021

A few infos about me ...

I was already born more than 25 years ago at the wonderfull town Koblenz (Germany). Fortunately I grew up at the more wonderfull village Buchholz...

One fine day I graduated from school with "Abitur" for studying at the Technical Univerity Darmstadt Electrotechnical Engineering - EMK . Up to now I don't know exactly what will happen after that but there is still a little time left to find it out.
In the meantime I got a job as development engineer at a big german company. Fortunately I am allowed to do similar things as I did already at university :).

Tweety Fearless My sportive Hobbies are including besides my greatest passion the VingTsun, Basketball and Swimming. Short time ago I learned about the wonderfull atmosphere to swim in the lake - responsible for this discovery are "Locke" and "Alm-Ümi" :)

If there is still some time left I am always prepared for a nice movie or extended multiplayer pc-games. If there is no one there for playing or watching tv, my Linux systems or programming stuff can take my full attention for a longer period of time.

Beside this I have got always some handicrafts about HiFi-components, some electronics, bicycles and always failing efforts to build a proper bow (for some indian-games). My best friend is always able to develope the better equipbment - but he is a growing mechanical engineer *grummel* :-/.

Other interests of mine are: cooking & eating, listen to music and playing music by myself, all about China (language, writing), asian philosophies (taoism, buddhism,...), trees (this are the coolest plants on earth!!!), scientific tv-shows...

Favorit ...

... and why Tweety ???

that's just why!!! there :P